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The “Loft" is one of todays most sought-after living options due to its incredibly flexible interior space. First used in the 1960’s as an economical retreat for New York artists to both live and create their work, the concept eventually caught on with mainstream homebuyers. High ceilings, industrial features, huge windows and open space, all combine to help designers and architects create breathtaking, one-of-a-kind living spaces.

The Vineyard Lofts are the complete residential conversion of a historic 1920's winery into luxury loft/town homes. It’s where the history and future of Harbor Country meet and merge. High ceilings provide a sense of yesterday's extravagant indoor space, while panoramic windows and large terraces overlook beautifully landscaped grounds. The contemporary open architecture, up to 22 ft. ceilings, and unique floor plans allow each owner to express their own personality. The lofts offer the ambiance of a bygone era with the latest in modern amenities and conveniences. Spectacular and inspiring, the Vineyard Lofts set the standard in luxury loft living.

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